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Camping Supplies - Carens

Camping Supplies - Carens
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100472
CAMPING Hob with FSD Safety Valve Dishwasher with 220gr vial. It has an FSD safety valve that cuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out. To have "home-made" food even while camping! Characteristics: FSD security device Operates with a 200gr vial Piezoelectric ignition system Performance: 2..
Ex Tax:20.16€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100470
Campingaz 1 Feu R Power: 1,350 watts LPG consumption: 99g / h Optional fan (sold separately) Boiling time: 6 minutes (1 liter) Duration:> 27 hours 45 minutes on R907 Weight: 235g Bottle not included..
Ex Tax:20.16€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100473
Carnet grill 12,5cm diameter lattice. It is mounted on larger cartridges so you can use smaller utensils such as coffee pot...
Ex Tax:1.21€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100474
Handle - Bottle Cap 2kg-3kg-5kg Fits all camping bottles..
Ex Tax:1.21€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 01.108.020
Multipurpose GR 33 grille 3 in 1. Burner diameter Φ11 Double sided enameled utensil Φ33cm: Pan - Sachi Perek..
Ex Tax:14.68€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 01.108.021
3-in-1 GR 40 Multipurpose Karen 1. Burner Diameter Φ11 Two-sided enameled utensil Φ40cm: Pan - Sachi Perek..
Ex Tax:18.39€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 01.108.023
Diameter Φ45 with height extension. Optionally you can get 3kg bottle tissue..
Ex Tax:37.10€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 01.108.022
Φ45 diameter with 3-foot base and mounting rack. Connection set included: Rubber, clamps, bottle switch 2/3 / 5Kg Height: 59cm..
Ex Tax:39.44€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100339
Karen with large burner 2kg-3kg-5kg bottle head with large head Powerful 6kw efficiency burner Handle for easy transport..
Ex Tax:13.71€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100341
Karen with small burner Portable gas cooker Small head mounted on a 3Kgr, 2Kgr, 1.5Kgr bottle..
Ex Tax:10.48€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100340
Midrange burner It fits easily into the bottle and has a handy handle for easy and safe transportation. Built-in automatic ignition will not require a lighter, match or other auxiliary external spark to light it. Cooker Burner Diameter: 7cm Auto Ignition Built-in Moving Handle Bottle Adjustment..
Ex Tax:12.10€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100037
Portable Gas Lamp Led to 3Kgr, 2Kgr, 1.5Kgr Bottle..
Ex Tax:20.16€
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