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10kg Propane Petrol Bottle

10kg Propane Petrol Bottle
10kg Propane Petrol Bottle
Shipment of bottles is only for the Prefecture of Thessaloniki
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  • Model: 100121
  • Weight: 10.00Kg
  • SKU: 100121
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Available Options

  • 10 kg propane flask, with a total capacity of 23.8 lt
  • Bottle Dimensions: Width: 30cm / Height: 52 - 56cm
  • Alternate Dimensions: Width: 25cm & Height: 65cm

Proof of Guarantee

Upon receipt of the empty bottle, you will also receive proof of receipt of the guarantee for the corresponding amount.

This amount is refunded upon delivery of a corresponding capacity of our own empty gas cylinder with the simultaneous production of this proof, without a corresponding full cylinder being requested.

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