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Fireplace - Hand torches

Fireplace - Hand torches
Model: 0868
Ex Tax:6.45€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100289
Auto ignition Color: White - Red - Blue Metallic base Screw cap..
Ex Tax:14.52€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100290
Color: White - Red - Blue Metallic base Screw cap..
Ex Tax:12.90€
Campingaz Bivouac cooking hob
Sold Out
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100387
With the innovative Easy Clic Plus system for even easier and faster connection to the vial. Extremely stable, thanks to its large arms and 4 big legs, it can be used even with large utensils. The legs are removable for easier storage. . Available with a textured staple carrier bag and a CV 470 PLUS..
Ex Tax:48.39€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100306
High-tech connection "easy clic" With piezoelectric ignition button Suspension brackets Safety valve 450g Bottle..
Ex Tax:32.26€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100388
LPG consumption: 80 g / h Safety valve Faucet for safe and accurate flame adjustment Base to enhance device stability..
Ex Tax:25.81€
El Greco Coffee Shop El Greco Coffee Shop
Call for price
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100523
El Greco polyesteria For small and large creations! Now, your cooking needs can be turned into separate creative experiences. Polyestia El Greco can offer you many solutions thanks to its multi-functionality, as well as its great convenience, reliability, practicality and speed. For your small o..
Ex Tax:0.00€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100307
Burner 1300Watt Fixed arms Precision valve for excellent control over flame intensity Specially designed connection mechanism Special safety valve for easy mounting or changing of base even when the base is not empty Specially treated sheet metal to prevent oxidation and block the burner High ..
Ex Tax:15.32€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100466
High performance multipurpose stove with high quality bronze burner. Vial with metal cover and plastic base screws for easy connection. Supplied with X1700 burner LPG consumption: 120 g / h Flame temperature: 1750 ° C Duration:> 1 hour 40 minutes Weight: 380g..
Ex Tax:28.23€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100283
Gas ignition metal forged body with automatic ignition Color: Silver - Brown - Gold..
Ex Tax:13.71€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100291
Gas-fired metallic full body hammer Color: Silver - Brown - Gold..
Ex Tax:12.10€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100295
Metallic base A giant burner Caren grill Extra barbecue grill..
Ex Tax:14.52€
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