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Model: 21075
7,5 kg Bottle Empty: 4.59Kg Bottle dimensions: 30.5cm wide / 47cm height Full Capacity: 17.50ltAdvantages:Lightweight, offering ease of transport and ..
Ex Tax:12.90€
Kratki Gas Heater GALINA/TUV..
Ex Tax:165.32€
Model: Ελ Γκρέκο Classic
High-tech connection "easy clic" Round grill for greater stability of the utensilSmall caliber burner to collect the flamePrecision faucet for excelle..
Ex Tax:16.05€
Model: Ελ Γκρέκο Primal
High-tech connection "easy clic" Suspension brackets Safety valve 450g Bottle Our shop participates in El Gkreko's action "Recycle. You win!" from ..
Ex Tax:16.05€
Model: 100120
25 kg propane flask with a total capacity of 59.5 lt This propane bottle is 25kg and is suitable for both professional and even home use if the neces..
Ex Tax:32.26€
Model: 100118
10kg Mixed Bottle, Full Capacity 23.8 lt Mainly For Home Use Contains 80% butane and 20% propane Bottle dimensions: 30cm wide / 52 - 56cm high Alte..
Ex Tax:14.52€
Thermogatz gas ignition electronic ignition
-13 %
Model: 100383
Regulator and hose included Gas heater of three ceramic plates Suitable for indoor use Three levels of heating Yield 4.2 kw Wheels for easy trans..
65.00€ 75.00€
Ex Tax:52.42€
Model: 100175
Kitchenette - Inox gas oven 2 fireplaces Gas oven Oven safety thermistor Auto ignition Double door crystal 2 grills - pan Thermometer Metal ca..
Ex Tax:157.26€
Royal Inox Gas Cooker
New -12 % Sold Out
Model: 1014501
440.00€ 500.00€
Ex Tax:354.84€
El Greco Campingaz  + Container  + greek coffee
New -43 %
El Greco Campingaz  + Container  + greek coffee..
19.90€ 35.00€
Ex Tax:16.05€
Gas bottle 3Kg + Cooking hob
-36 %
Model: camping/1071b
Gas bottle 3Kg + Cooking hob..
35.00€ 55.00€
Ex Tax:28.23€
Professional 1 hob with hose and regulator
-20 %
Model: offer-01
Includes: Single pressure cooker (Code: 100217) Controller Connection tire..
28.00€ 35.00€
Ex Tax:22.58€
Model: 0949
Ex Tax:20.97€
Model: 100240
1 High efficiency and durable cast iron FM 90mm 12kw burner 1 small brown brass Heavy duty enameled body Grill suitable for perfectly fit utensils ..
Ex Tax:52.42€
Model: 01.108.021
3-in-1 GR 40 Multipurpose Karen 1. Burner Diameter Φ11 Two-sided enameled utensil Φ40cm: Pan - Sachi Perek..
Ex Tax:18.39€
Model: 100208
Fixed regulator 28-30 mbar 1kg Fixed 28-30mbar For 1Kg / h..
Ex Tax:6.45€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100529
Table gas stove with crystal clear cooking surface Dimensions: 37 x 28 x 10 cm Stainless steel frame with tempered glass surface 2500 Watt output ..
Ex Tax:39.52€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100530
Table gas stove with crystal clear cooking surface Dimensions: 72 x 38 x 10 cm Stainless steel frame with tempered glass surface Specifications: 46..
Ex Tax:76.61€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100275
Fireplaces Large-Medium Hammer paint body Enameled grate suitable for perfectly fit utensils 2-degree ITALY valve Financial consumption High qual..
Ex Tax:41.94€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100268
2 outlets 8cm. Power 2 x 0.9kw Paint body Paint grate suitable for perfect fit of utensils 2 graduation valve Financial consumption High quality ..
Ex Tax:29.03€
Brand: Thermogatz Model: 02.204.006
Bottle plate 2/3/5Kg LPG G30/G31 Galvanized BodyPressure Regulator and Switch Total Gas Power: 1.5Kw Total Gas Consumption: 120gr/h Length:..
Ex Tax:20.16€
Brand: Thermogatz Model: 02.204.009
Bottle plate 10Kg with stand LPG G30/G31 Galvanized BodyBottle Support Base Total Gas Power: 2,9Kw Total Gas Consumption: 228gr/h Length: 3..
Ex Tax:24.19€
Brand: Thermogatz Model: 02.204.011
Bottle plate 10Kg with stand LPG G30/G31 Galvanized Body Thermal Security Total Gas Power: 2,9Kw Total Gas Consumption: 228gr/h Length: 30cm..
Ex Tax:29.84€
Model: 100053
Ex Tax:30.65€
Model: TGS 9040 IX
Gas hobsAbove benchLPG G30 / G31 - NG G20 natural gasAuto ignition *Safety thermalsEnamel grillsScattered enamelSurface: INOX..
Ex Tax:104.03€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: tg-9310-ix
Domino gas TG 9310 IX INOX body LPG G30 / G31 gas NG G20 gas Energy Class A Auto Ignition Safety Thermal Enameled Grill Enameled Disp..
Ex Tax:104.84€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: TGS-9211-IX
Gas Stoves - Mixed 3 + 1 Electric TG 9200 IX Body INOX LPG G30 / G31 LPG NG G20 Natural Gas < / li> Energy Class A Auto Ignition Safety Th..
Ex Tax:145.16€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: tg-9010-ix
TG 9010 IX Gas Stoves Body INOX LPG G30 / G31 LPG NG G20 Gas Energy Class A Auto Ignition Safety Thermals Enamelled Grates Enamel Dis..
Ex Tax:145.16€
500mbar electric valves
Call for price
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100443
500mbar NO / NC 220V or 12V electric valves Manual reset Aluminum or brass Italy 2 years warranty..
Ex Tax:0.00€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100350
Ex Tax:0.32€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100348
Low Pressure up to 1 bar Price refers to the measure. If you want more measures, add to the quantity the number of measures you want...
Ex Tax:1.21€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100426
Pipe adapter Φ13 - Φ8..
Ex Tax:1.21€

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