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Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: P8S7-C
Dimensions: M 80 - N 75 - Y 85 cm Weight (kg): 68 Plate dimension: 73x50 Burners: 2 Power (kW): 12 LPG (kg / h): 0.83 NG (m3 / h): 1.11..
Ex Tax:1,864.52€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100289
Auto ignition Color: White - Red - Blue Metallic base Screw cap..
Ex Tax:14.52€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100290
Color: White - Red - Blue Metallic base Screw cap..
Ex Tax:12.90€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100186
Camper Gas vial 500g Button vial 500 gr with threaded safety valve..
Ex Tax:2.42€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100472
CAMPING Hob with FSD Safety Valve Dishwasher with 220gr vial. It has an FSD safety valve that cuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out. To have "home-made" food even while camping! Characteristics: FSD security device Operates with a 200gr vial Piezoelectric ignition system Performance: 2..
Ex Tax:24.19€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100470
Campingaz 1 Feu R Power: 1,350 watts LPG consumption: 99g / h Optional fan (sold separately) Boiling time: 6 minutes (1 liter) Duration:> 27 hours 45 minutes on R907 Weight: 235g Bottle not included..
Ex Tax:20.16€
Campingaz Bivouac cooking hob
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Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100387
With the innovative Easy Clic Plus system for even easier and faster connection to the vial. Extremely stable, thanks to its large arms and 4 big legs, it can be used even with large utensils. The legs are removable for easier storage. . Available with a textured staple carrier bag and a CV 470 PLUS..
Ex Tax:48.39€
CampinGaz CV 360 vial
Sold Out
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100460
CampinGaz CV 360 vial Vial 52g for use with the Spotflam device...
Ex Tax:5.65€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100306
High-tech connection "easy clic" With piezoelectric ignition button Suspension brackets Safety valve 450g Bottle..
Ex Tax:32.26€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100401
Asbestos for campingaz gas lamp 3 pieces..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100194
Campingaz gas vial 190g The classic Campingaz vial for economy and multiple uses. Contains 190 gr. butane / propane mixture. It is compatible with most classic gas appliances (fireplaces, lamps, etc.). The Campingaz C206's throttle has a modern throttle reduction mechanism (according to new Euro..
Ex Tax:1.45€
CampinGaz GT106 90gr
Sold Out
Brand: Kougioumtzidis Model: 100463
CampinGaz GT106 90gr..
Ex Tax:0.00€
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