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TGS 9490 GL

TGS 9490 GL
TGS 9490 GL
TGS 9490 GL
TGS 9490 GL
TGS 9490 GL
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: TGS 9490 GL
  • Weight: 19.00Kg
  • Dimensions: 86.00Εκ x 52.00Εκ x 6.00Εκ
  • SKU: TGS 9490 GL
Ex Tax: 338.71€

Gas hobs

Above bench

LPG G30 / G31 - NG G20 natural gas

Auto ignition *

Safety thermals

Cast iron grills

Scatter matte enamel

SABAF burners

Surface: Black glass

FEATURES (active tab)

Gas hobs

-left Wok 3.5kW - 254gr / h

-front right Small 0.95kW - 69gr / h

-front center Medium 1.7kW - 124gr / h

-back center Medium 1.7kW - 124gr / h

-back right Large 2.9kW - 211gr / h







Is included

Gas exchange injectors (natural gas - LPG)


- Maximum gas power 10.75kW

- Maximum gas consumption 782gr / h


Features refer to LPG G30 / G31 LPG supply

* An electric current connection is required for the operation of the spark plug

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